Oxford Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Skype Therapy

Oxford CBT has introduced Skype therapy as a handy way to access the right therapy for you wherever you are and wherever there is a solid internet connection. It cuts down on travel to time and expense and for some it’s more convenient way to have an appointment.

Talk to us to see if cognitive therapy by Skype would be right for you, contact Oxford CBT for more information or to book an appointment.

Terms & Conditions

Your Skype appointment requires pre booking and pre payment of cleared funds in advance of your session. Oxford CBT will not issue refunds for technology failure on the part of the client, should your session fail or be disconnected for any reason, we will try and get you back within your allotted appointment time. Should technology fail at our end our best endeavours to book a suitable time remaining top up appointment will be made.
Skype therapy also requires Skype installation for more information visit the Skype website.